I am stema. At least on stackoverflow.

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But that is has been the only place in the Internet where I am was active.  Till now.

This is Xisb.

Xisb is stemas blog. I plan this to be the place where I can give answers to stuff that hasn’t been asked there, but should have. And hope that people will read it, link it, cite it and find it useful.

I am mainly interested in Regular Expressions, C#, WPF and Perl.  My first topics here will definitely be about Regular Expression, thats where I would call me an expert.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m totally lost. I need a regular expression that
    can detect any of the 4 starting urls like below


    And … .

    should detect:
    (any punctuation or space or backspace)(3 times the letter w in upper or lower case)(one dot)(anything)

    And … . which is important

    Should Ignore, but NOT Exclude… . the following exact string


    Which is complicated for me, because i still need to include it in the regex line
    even if it’s ignored, otherwise, it will match & be found in


    And my aim is to find/match any url besides
    http://www.w3.org even if it’s in the page, Or if it’s not present.
    so if there’s only this in the page:
    & no other url.. then it shouldn’t match.

    • oops,
      the exact base that already works, is

      please email me back if you have the right regex for what i expect.


    • Hi Rob,
      thanks for your interest in my side. I am not able to provide you here individual help in the comments. I would suggest you try to ask a question on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask.

      The community there is always willing to provide help, when you have shown some own effort (you already did in your comment). You will get there an answer much quicker than waiting for me, and maybe, I am the one to answer your question there.

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